The Awkward Scone is an herbal tea focused cafe, community space, and bakery in Brooklyn, NY featuring seasonal tea brews, housemade pastries and sandwiches and Stumptown Coffee alongside Bushwick and Bedstuy local art.

The Team.


Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico and now residing in Brooklyn, Eric has spent nearly a lifetime making things awkward in the kitchen. From cracking eggs in a tiny airport diner at age 11, to rhythmless dancing on counter tops at a 50's themed, shopping mall burger joint in high school, to scolding celebrities at pizza counters in Los Angeles, he has been making a name for himself in the industry for 23 years now. 

Eric moved to NYC 8 years ago and planted The Awkward Scone seedling almost immediately upon arrival. In that time, he has worked for, and alongside, some of the city’s most well regarded chefs, caterers, and restauranteurs. He has baked on the choppy seas of the South Pacific and in the dead of the Detroit winter. He once rolled buttery tart dough in the hot Jamaican sun, while repeatedly running 50 meters back and forth across a sandy beach in order to create ravishing citrus tarts for 250 people. And, once he even made breadsticks for Oprah.

Eric has been featured on NY1 News for his efforts to raise and donate over $10k to LGBT charities in the last year, as well as features in Dessert Professional, Tastemade, Jarry Magazine, La Cucina Italiana, DTLD Scenes, and Love Inc. 

When he's not busy catering to distinguished politicians, celebrities, elite fashion houses, global tech companies, or cleaning up after his dog, Luka, he really enjoys great naps.